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To Guiping

We’ve been running for three days – up early and not back to the hotel room until late evening. We’ve seen amazing things (Terra Cotta Warriors, City Wall in Xi’an, Summer Palace in Beijing, Acrobatic Show, Panda Exhibit in Beijing) and I have loads of photos. But I’m sitting in the hotel lobby in Xi’an and it’s 6 a.m. and I’m using my IPad to catch the Wifi and write a quick post. So no photos yet. We are catching a plane to Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi and then taking a four-hour bus ride to Alison’s birth city of Guiping. This is where we see the real China.

Our social worker who was with us when we received Alison is with us on this trip. I’m so glad she is here. We’ll visit the orphanage and have a very formal lunch with the orphanage director and others. We’ll toast Alison, and exchange gifts, and then we will visit Alison’s finding place – a bridge at the edge of the city. I think she is ready. I guess I am. I am hoping to post her referral photo, a photo of her from this year, and a note that says this little baby is happy and growing up with a family in the United States where she is being taken care of and loved. So much to think about today.

I hope there is access to WiFi when we are in Guiping. We’re not sure what it will be like there. The adventure continues!

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