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Rocky Mountain High and a Little Bit of Real World

I’ve wrestled with this since the day we got here, but today I finally gave in and determined that we are not committing the unpardonable vacation sin. We sit on the back patio in the mornings with our coffee, looking out at Pagosa Peak, and talking about magazine content, budgets, marketing strategies, and fundraising. We also talk about our kids, plans for dinner, the beauty that surrounds us. and what life might look like in the future. But his job and my job seem to always work their way into our morning coffee and mid-morning walk. I felt guilty about this for the first few days, but now I don’t. There is something about getting away from the grind and settling into a a place where I am surrounded by the artistry of creation that ignites creative energy. Every year the Mia magazine staff takes a retreat in a beautiful setting and we talk about the upcoming year. If you don’t believe that getting away gets the brain firing in a creative way, you should see what we bring back – brainstormed ideas scribbled on stacks of large, white paper. Not all those ideas come to fruition (we LOVE an overabundance of ideas), but when we are away and taking a long deep breath, we seem to find new creative levels.

Kyle and I didn’t come here to brainstorm work ideas, but it seems that we are naturally inspired to think bigger, wider, and longer as we are away from the “real world.” Of course, it may be nothing more than a slight intoxication caused by the Rocky Mountain air. in which case I’d like to find a way to bottle it and take it back home. Any creative thoughts on how I can do that?

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