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Yesterday’s Filtered Photos

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

I’ve decided to take most of my photos on this vacation with my iPhone and then filter the heck out of them. And I have good reasons lousy excuses for this.

Lousy excuse #1: My Canon Rebel T2i with the all-purpose lens is very bulky and heavy to carry on hikes.

Lousy excuse #2: It’s easier to upload photos quickly when they are on my phone (my social network-adverse son is now groaning).

Lousy excuse #3: Filters make photos look cooler.

While Lousy Excuse #3 may be true, using filters feels a little like cheating. I should be able to take breathtaking photos and proudly upload them with the “no filter” hashtag. But if the filters are there (and so many to choose from), I say use ’em. Someone took a lot of time and effort to create those filters. So I’ll take a few family portraits with the big camera that has settings which continually perplex me, but most of my pictures will be snapped on my phone, filtered, and then uploaded. I am certain I will regret this when I return home and can’t enlarge photos larger than a 5×7 size, but I’m living in the moment. And I love the look of the old Colorado photos from my childhood, so I’m trying a little replicating.

My first set of photos is from the Continental Divide North Trail hike. This is a beautiful trail that winds up from the Continental Divide to the Wolf Creek Ski Summit, and then on to parts unknown. We didn’t make it to the end of the trail to find those parts unknown because we discovered that when mountains are shrouded in clouds, rain is soon to follow. All the dry and smiling faces in these photos were soon soaked, but still smiling.

So I’m going to keep using my iPhone for photos for a few more days until it begins to sink in that I paid a whole lot more for the Rebel than the phone. Call it financial guilt, or maybe I’ll just tire of all the filters and the uploading. After all, it is vacation and I should probably leave technology behind. Said she. Yeah, right.






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