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I’ll Travel Light…Someday

Updated: Apr 29, 2022


Three action packers and two large suitcases weighing in at 45+ pounds each is not the luggage of a girl who travels light. Someday I’m going to do that. Travel light, that is. But that day is not today. No, today I am flying to Ghana and I’ll be holding my breath in front of the airport scales, preparing to take out a few expendable items if I’m over 50 pounds. I’ve shoved most everything I need for myself into a backpack and a rolling carry-on. Everything else is for the children, the school, and the apprentices. British Airways, if you’re reading this, keep that in mind if my bags are overweight.

I’ll wave goodbye to all the supplies with a prayer that the airline does its job and delivers every piece of my heavy luggage to the Kotoka airport in Accra, Ghana. Once I’ve seen the luggage arrive safely, I’ll breathe a sigh of relief. And then, the adventure begins. Our team of six will travel from Accra to Kumasi by air, then a bumpy ride to the village of Ankaase by minibus. We will be in the village for six days and I fully expect to have a strong and reliable Internet connection to post stories and photos. I’ve packed multiple chargers, cords, adapters, cameras, external hard drive, and one priceless blue thumb-drive modem that will allow us Internet connection. Once again, I don’t travel light.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and for following along with us on our adventure. It helps me feel connected to know that people are with us, if not physically, then in front of the computer screen – which seems to be how many of us are connected these days anyway. If you lift up a prayer for our team today, please pray that the luggage makes it there and that we will wrap ourselves in a flexibility blanket (yes, this is a real thing) so that we can smile through all the air travel joys that await us in the next 26 hours.

I’ll be back online when we have our feet on the red dirt of Africa!

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