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Ghana in October, Day Six : Wrapping Up in the Dark

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

It’s official: the SDA School Computer Lab is now up and running!

Otis and the other IT instructors know computers. They got everything set up quickly, but also realized that in addition to the computers, they would need a projector in order to teach the students effectively. There are over 400 children in the school and about 30-35 children in each classroom. It would be difficult to gather all the students in a class around the screens. So we immediately decided that the lab must have a projector. Peter took a trip to Kumasi with one of the IT teachers to purchase a projector. They returned with it Wednesday evening, and yesterday the IT teachers set it up in the lab. The students were crammed together looking into the windows and doorway to see the images projected on the wall. They were in awe.

We began to imagine all the creative ways the teachers will be able to use the computers: Internet tutorials, Powerpoint presentations, photo slideshows to accompany lessons. The teachers will do a great job of using the computers to open a new world of learning for the children at Ankaase SDA. I love the way generous friends in the U.S. have resourced this small lab in this not-so-small school, in this small village, in this beautiful country, on this huge continent. Your hearts have traveled a long distance to make life a little better for people you have never met.

This is what it looks like for those of us who have more to resource those who have little. So many things are broken in this world. It doesn’t matter how they have gotten that way or who is responsible. We’ll never know all the reasons why, but we can be people who work for restoration. I want to be someone who believes that restoration is not only possible, but also necessary if we are to call ourselves followers of Christ. I want to have eyes that look for ways to join God in His restoration project. He is fixing what has been broken – in people, places, circumstances. Someday He will finally and completely restore all things, and until then I want to be a part of the every day work of restoration. In small and big ways, we can look around and find ways to make things better and to help change stories.

This morning I met with 17 women who are interested in becoming seamstress apprentices. I pray that we can help change the story for some of them, and to help bring restoration. There is a little something for everyone in this village: sponsoring children, resourcing a computer lab, partnering with a woman who wants to start her career and business. We had two experienced seamstress sew these wonderful bags that we’ll be selling to help fund these programs. This is the Ankaase bag.

The pattern was designed by my friend Steffani, who does this kind of thing on a big scale (she’s been a costume designer in Hollywood, and has written a book of pattern designs). We’re so blessed that she agreed to design this bag. Its incredible. Roomy, lots of pockets, and fabric straight from Ghana. The best part is that the two women who sewed each bag have an incredible story, which you will be hearing. Purchasing this bag also helps Hilda and Gifty.

This is my last post from Ghana. We leave early in the morning. The power has been out since yesterday afternoon and they say it may not come back on until Monday, so once again I’m typing furiously and racing my computer battery. So I will leave Ghana in the dark, but I pray that God has used us to shine a little of His light here. I know the people of Ankaase have done that for me. Their light shines bright.

This is my final goodbye from Ankaase, Ghana. Thank you all for the prayers and your open hearts. You have blessed us all.

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