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Experts say 80% of people want to write a book "someday." I don’t know how valid that statistic is, but I bet it’s close. You may dream of writing your story, getting it published, or just finishing it as a personal goal without publishing. But when you sit down to write, you can’t seem to silence the voices that whisper all the reasons you shouldn’t. Seeing a project through to the end is also a challenge, so I focus on the processes, habits, and mindset that will help you get you to the last page. My approach to coaching is three-tiered:

  • Act as a sounding board for your creative ideas

  • Guide you to reach your writing goals

  • Invest in not only your project, but also your writing journey


You can contact me to schedule a session or learn more here

I coach through Storia Editing and Publishing. Find out more about us here.


My Qualifications

I've had a pen in my hand since I was six years old. My professional journey began a bit later with an undergraduate degree in Journalism, graduate work in mass communications, and a career path as a newspaper reporter, managing editor for a magazine, and freelance editor. I've won awards for my writing and have been an active blogger for eleven years. I've helped writers hone their manuscripts for publication, book proposals, and agent queries. I've written my own memoir, and am in the process of writing a book about how adoption narratives shape families. 

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